Former NFL Quarterback urges athletes to consider CBD products

CBD helps Carson Palmer in life after the NFL

In Summary

Like most retired professional athletes, Carson Palmer has struggled with life after sports. After amassing a 15 year career, Palmer finally called it quits. In his new chapter of life, he relies on CBD to aid relief of his chronic aches in pains from his youth. In 2019, Palmer partnered with Level Select, a CBD sports cream to aid current athletes in situations similar to his own. CBD products have become increasingly popular recently as more sports leagues have become more lenient in cannabis treatments for their athletes. The product has become a part of his daily routine, applying the oil every morning and sometimes at night.

Palmer is not the only one in his family to use the product. His wife, a former collegiate soccer player, uses CBD to combat pains and injuries she suffered while playing in college. Palmer also believes active athletes should reevaluate their opinions of medical cannabis, especially CBD. Since everyone is quarantining themselves, they should learn about the tremendous benefits cannabidiol has on the body without the “high” effect THC products have on people.


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