Our Core Values

CED Clinic was founded in 2017 by Benjamin Caplan, MD in order to provide medical services and oversight to individuals seeking cannabis treatment. With an ever-increasing amount of research linking cannabis to positive treatment outcomes, the clinic -champions a holistic approach to healthcare and wellness that includes medicinal cannabis.

What do we stand for?

CED Clinic’s mission is to provide a comfortable and professional environment where patients and clinicians can openly discuss medical cannabis and its benefits.

Across the globe, millions of people find that cannabis is a tremendous benefit to their health and wellness. For some, it is a daily support, for others it is intermittent. But far too many are left on the sidelines, intimidated by the commercialism of the new industry, or perhaps anxious about how to overcome impressions that cannabis is harmful, or a stepping stone on the way to problems sometime later in the future. Misinformation and misunderstanding about cannabis has been learned and passed on through generations. Falsehoods about the dangers of cannabis have been so engrained into modern life that for some, approaching cannabis as a therapy can be paralyzing. CED Clinic is organized to guide patients through such barriers, and designed to help empower individuals to learn about the benefits of cannabis and to understand how to capture those benefits for themselves.

We are accepting of all people and strive to care for all medical concerns, regardless of unique factors that may distinguish one from another.

We will help you to understand the cannabis industry and the options available for purchase. Alternatively, if you prefer to avoid the commercial industry, we will just as readily help you learn to grow, process, and make your own products at home.