Speaking Engagement

The CED Clinic team of providers and leadership are enthusiastic speakers, eager to support all corners of the cannabis industry.

Allow us to educate the public about your event or product, invite us to help answer medical cannabis questions, share the stage with us on a public panel or we can serve as a Master of Ceremonies.

Medical Leadership

We take pride in leading on the bleeding edge Medical Cannabis. As we comb through the very latest in academic medical cannabis literature as the research is published (and often even sooner), we are also honing expertise across multiple domains of science and medicine as they educate the clinical cannabis experience.

We work hard to learn directly from primary sources, including medical literature, bench science in our pharmaceutical/formulations lab, our partners in product manufacturing facilities around the world, and our tremendous patient populations that share fruitful experiences to support the CED Foundation mission of deep learning.

Industry Education

We provide medical leadership and support across all tiers of the medical cannabis industry.

Providing consultation to soil scientists, grow operations, robotic analysis of plants and automated horticultural work as well as ongoing education and support for industry leadership and retail staff.

Community Education

We continuously work with libraries, senior and assisted living facilities, student groups and support groups who are interested in cannabis education and safety.

Ongoing Education & Guidance

We take pride in supporting local communities across venues including libraries, senior and assisted living facilities, as well as student groups, illness-based support groups, and anyone seeking to learn about effective clinical cannabis.