Fireside Chats

  • Cannabis & COVID-19: December Fireside Chat 12/19/2021


    Coronavirus rages on in its fourth wave with Omicron.

    How does cannabis consumption impact the effectiveness of vaccines for healthy individuals?

    What about for those with immune challenges? Should you avoid cannabis if you’re sick? Can cannabis help, mask, or change the symptoms of COVID-19?

    Join us for a free, respectful, intimate discussion about CBD, THC, and Coronavirus. Ask about vaccines, illnesses, methods of consumption, risks, benefits…Share your thoughts and learn what research is telling us!


  • Cannabis and Older Adults: May Fireside Chat 05/26/2021


    Endocannabinoid tone wanes as we age. As the years pass on for us, it is critical to understand what a baseline cannabinoid tone means for our bodies and our minds, and what specific changes may come with this natural, gradual decline. If knowledge is power, don’t we all want control over our aging bodies?

    Come share your thoughts, come learn from the literature, come learn from the lessons of the clinic!


  • Patient Appreciation Night : April Fireside Chat 04/28/2021


    This month, we pay respect to the school even more knowledgeable about cannabis and how it affects daily life… our patients!

    We are dedicating our April Fireside Chat to our patients and what they teach us about the products, the process, the effects, and the direction of the industry! Join us as we discuss the lessons learned, the medications patients have replaced for natural options, and the quality-of-life improvements that medical cannabis has provided.


  • Cannabis and Diabetes – Hosted by Dr. Exelbert! 03/23/2021


    This month, Dr. Exelbert will be hosting our monthly Fireside Chat for a special presentation on cannabis and it’s relation to diabetes.

    We are hosting this webinar on American Diabetes Association’s “Diabetes Alert Day”, as a special reminder to our community to be mindful of this disease and how it can be easily missed but properly managed.

    Join us for a deep dive on the endocannabinoid system and the research supporting its relationship to diabetes mellitus, including studies regarding insulin resistance and obesity.


  • February Fireside Chat: Cannabis and Romance 02/08/2021


    Cannabis can be infused into all things wonderful for Valentine’s Day! Between the wonderful smells of flowers to delicious meals and chocolates, and of course the romance and intimate activities of the day, cannabis can be a welcome breath of relief or serve as extra spice for all.

    CED Clinic is proud to lead the tradition of speaking boldly and openly about cannabis and what may have previously been “taboo” topics -toward better understanding and without judgement or embarrassment. We speak freely about the science of the human body and the practices that reduce pain, elevate joy, and make us feel pleasure!

    Join Dr. Caplan for a candid conversation about how cannabis can be used to make romance, sexuality, and intimacy on Valentines Day that much more special. We’ll be reviewing the different consumption methods and how to dial in your dose to provide the desired effects. We’ll also share recipes to make your own medicated massage oils, personal lubricants, and medicated edibles!


  • January Fireside Chat: Cannabis and Skin 01/18/2021


    While many are familiar with the ingestion and inhalation methods of cannabis, the topical application of cannabis products is still a mystery to some.

    Join CED Clinic to learn how your endocannabinoid system acts within your skin (the largest organ of the human body), how different cannabinoids and terpenes can offer relief without psychoactivity, the different topical cannabis products available to you at the dispensary and how to make your own lotion at home!


  • December Fireside Chat: Cannabis Tolerance 12/16/2020


    This month’s Fireside Chat will focus on the concept of cannabis tolerance in the body.

    From what to do if you find yourself “too high”, to when you are no longer feeling the intended effects of a dose, tolerance varies from person to person, and can be impacted by many factors.

    Join Dr. Caplan as he brings his years of expertise and patient feedback on what can affect tolerance, and how to manage your own.

    This webinar is open to everyone and attendees are welcome to bring questions or share their own experiences.


  • November Fireside Chat: Cannabis and PTSD 11/11/2020


    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) comes in many different forms for each who suffer differently, from battles with persistent anxiety and inescapable stress, depression and night terrors, to anger, mood-swings, sleep deprivation, or other conditions that can make basic tasks and daily life a challenge..

    While talk therapy and medications such as antidepressants and benzodiazepines have long been considered the standard of care to treat PTSD, many suffering with PTSD today are looking to more natural solutions like cannabis as an alternative path to wellness and normalcy.

    This month’s Fireside Chat with Dr. Caplan will focus on how cannabis works in the body to relieve different stresses, the history of cannabis use for PTSD as well as current patient experiences and studies being conducted that may show cannabis as a favorable treatment for veterans suffering from PTSD.


  • October Fireside Chat: Cannabis and Breast Cancer 10/08/2020


    In our fireside chat this month, Dr. Caplan will review the available scientific literature that has explored the interaction between cannabis products and breast cancer. The discussion will cover how cancer may impact the endocannabinoid system and what new discoveries have been made in the research of breast cancer treatment.


  • September Fireside Chat: Cannabis and Stress 09/09/2020


    Whether mental or physical, many of us are under new stresses lately. Thankfully, cannabis has been shown to help alleviate stress in it’s many forms. Our September Fireside Chat with Dr. Caplan will highlight how stress can affect the body and the different ways that cannabis may be able to help.


  • August Fireside Chat: Cannabis and Sleep 08/12/2020


    Modern life is waking up to a push back to “business as usual,” yet still stuck beneath looming risks of COVID. With the return to school, return to work, and a rushed return to a new normal, it’s now especially important to take a serious look at effective sleep hygiene.


  • July Fireside Chat: Cannabis During Coronavirus – a conversation with a medical cannabis doctor 07/29/2020


    With the current coronavirus impacting practically every aspect of our patients’ lives, we used July’s chat to help offer some guidance around medical cannabis and it’s affects on patient well-being during these times.