Next Steps

If you have not yet completed your registration with the Cannabis Control Commission, be sure to do so as soon as you can. If you need assistance with registration, visit our Help Page.

Done With Registration… Now What?

Once you complete the above registration step, your application goes into a queue until the state approves it and mails you a plastic license (in an unmarked envelope). Typically this process takes less than 10 days, following the completion of the state registration step.

If you want to speed up the pace of approval, you can reach out to Kathy Oliver Jones at She works with the state and can sometimes help to speed up the processing.

It would help to include in your email:

  • Your Name
  • Your Patient ID number (Pxxxxx)
  • You are a new certification

At any time, if you would like personal guidance through this process, please feel free to reach out to CED Clinic or the state’s customer service can be reached at +(774) 415-020

Don’t Miss the HUGE Discounts!

Don’t forget that there are some discounts in the state to help pay back your cost for the medical visit. For example, NETA (in Brookline and Northampton,) Berkshire Roots (Pittsfield), Central Ave Compassionate Care, Sira, Rev Clinics, Garden Remedies, Apothca, and CommCan each offer patients a free $200 dollar product credit for purchases.

Visit our maps page for a list of dispensaries by location and their deals:

News at CED

As part of our goal to be the leaders in education, CED has been working offer more educational resources online. If you’d like, we have a full page of recipes to be able to create medicated products at home (foods, candies, drinks, spa products…) and we have started offering free Zoom Fireside Chats on a range of exciting topics (COVID, Sleep, Stress, Identifying the best products for you, Learning how to grow…and more!) We’ll have guest speakers, dispensary representatives and master growers… all free for CED patients!

Keep a look out for emailed newsletters, or feel free to check out our events page at

Help CED Build a Future Canna-“Companion App”

CED recently started a company to put together a companion app for cannabis consumers, so that individuals who may not know one another might still be able to share valuable insights into products, costs, unpleasant effects, etc… If you’re interested in being involved, this is an opportunity unique to CED patients, and anyone who helps out will have free, lifetime access to the app, once it launches.

We’ve created two surveys to help design the best app possible. You’re welcome to complete both surveys, as they each serve a unique purpose.

1. This survey will help us learn some background information about what brings you to cannabis, some nuances about your prior experience with cannabis, a few quick questions about your personality, and how you are hoping to use cannabis this year. We are hoping to learn from the information you share, to generate a personalized recommendation based on the information we receive toward products that we think will help you reach your cannabis goals.

Currently, we are learning about treatments for sleep, stress, and pain. The information you provide will also help us begin and optimize the survey and data model to improve the recommendations we make.

2. This second survey will collect information before, during, and after a session with cannabis. It will ask some questions to learn how you’re feeling prior to the trial, and then during and/or after the trial (depending on your preferences!) to determine if, and how cannabis might have affected how you were feeling.

After learning from this feedback, we hope to learn enough to begin offering some recommendations for how to optimize your experience with your current product, or perhaps recommend a new product that might help you even more. Your feedback will also be used to optimize our data model to provide improving recommendations.

Returning to CED

Everyone learns differently; and follow up is intended to support you. MA requires a re-certification visit at least once per year with CED.

Note: The deals for free product credit at the medical dispensaries also renew for you each year. They are attempting to pay for the costs of the re-certification process, and you can collect as many of those deals as you want.

You can control the frequency of your follow up visits at CED through

Help End Stigma

If you know anyone who you think would be interested in a medical card or expert guidance, please consider sharing CEDclinic with them!

Helpful Links for CED Clinic Patients

Registration Help

Additional resources and guides for renewing and new patient registration

Simple Principles Guide to Care

​ A brief guide to managing your medical cannabis care

Sleep Guide for Cannabis

​Information on how cannabis may be used to help with sleep troubles

Cannabis Journal

A printable log to keep track of your cannabis experiences

Make or Change Appointment

You have control over your treatment schedule. Please feel free to schedule an appointment at your convenience

Printable Map of Dispensaries and Their Discounts

Here you will find a map of dispensaries and their discounts

CCC Help

The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission home-page