Meet Dr. Caplan

Welcome to My Professional Page, and Welcome to a Journey of Healing and Discovery!

Welcome to My Professional Page, and Welcome to a Journey of Healing and Discovery!

Introduction: I’m so glad you’ve stopped by. Whether you’re a patient seeking guidance, a healthcare provider exploring new frontiers, or simply curious about the world of medical cannabis, you’ve come to the right place. My name is Dr. Benjamin Caplan, and I’ve dedicated my career to understanding, teaching, and applying the therapeutic benefits of cannabis-based medicines. Together, we can explore this exciting field, and I invite you to reach out with any questions or thoughts. Let’s embark on this journey together.

CED Clinic Offerings: I am the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of CED Clinic and CED Foundation. At CED Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our patients. From geriatrics to adults, pediatric patients, and even medical second opinions, we’re here to accommodate both single visits and long-term relationships. Our commitment is to serve everyone with the best evidence-based cannabis care available anywhere.

Additional Roles and Projects: In addition to my work at CED Clinic, I’m also the Founder of Solo* Sciences, Inc (recently acquired by Akerna Corp), and I serve as a medical advisor to GreenAXS Capital, the world’s leading cannabis investment fund. Most recently, I co-founded EO Care, Inc., a digital therapeutic and telemedicine platform providing personalized cannabis care plans and ongoing clinical guidance for those seeking an empathic, responsive, evidence-based cannabis care partner.

Medical Experience and Publications: In addition to my practice as a primary care physician at some of Boston’s premier hospitals, I’ve had the privilege of serving as the Chief Medical Officer of one of the largest medical cannabis healthcare groups in the US. Here, I’ve supported tens of thousands of patients with cannabis therapeutics and collected data from the clinical supervision of over 280,000 medical cannabis patients. I’ve also had the opportunity to oversee and mentor hundreds of physicians across the United States and abroad, serve as a principal investigator for multiple pharmaceutical research studies, and publish in esteemed medical journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine..

The Doctor-Approved Cannabis Handbook: I’m excited to share my forthcoming book, “The Doctor-Approved Cannabis Handbook,” published by BenBella, distributed by Random House and available to order NOW on Amazon. This highly anticipated anthology offers insights into the theory, use cases, recipes, and scientific references that support medical applications of cannabis-based medicines. If you’re interested in the personalized treatment found in the book, I warmly encourage you to make an appointment.

Evidence-Based Approach and CED Clinic’s Impact: I firmly believe in the value of an evidence-based approach to bridging Western Medicine with the plant-therapy ecosystem. Under my direction, CED Clinic has become one of the largest clinical labs, exploring the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis and amassing a database of longitudinal data from over 16,000 active medical patients. This unique perspective on cannabis-based therapies incorporates the lessons of data science, crowd-sourced experiential knowledge, and individualized treatment strategies.

Ongoing Projects: My ongoing projects include an in-depth operational guide of medical cannabis for older adults, an enterprise software solution to strengthen scientific integrity for the medical cannabis industry, a great expansion of CED Clinic and its industry-leading medical cannabis education, and the CED-AI Librarian. This chatbot librarian is designed to help translate the CED Cannabis Literature Library, the world’s largest free archive of cannabis publications. The AI chatbot will help make cannabis publications more accessible to audiences of all backgrounds and comfort levels with scientific literature.

tl;dr :  Welcome to a place where healing, discovery, and innovation converge! I’m Dr. Benjamin Caplan, a Family Physician with a passion for Cannabis Medicine. At CED Clinic, which I had the privilege to found, we embrace a world of patients from all walks of life and every corner of the globe. Whether you’re a senior seeking comfort, an adult exploring new avenues of care, a concerned parent of a pediatric patient, or someone in need of a second medical opinion, we’re here for you. Our doors are open for single visits or long-term relationships, always with the promise of delivering the finest evidence-based cannabis care available.

But that’s not all! My curiosity and commitment to this field have led me to exciting projects like the CED-AI Librarian, a cutting-edge chatbot designed to make cannabis literature accessible to all. I’ve also penned “The Doctor-Approved Cannabis Handbook,” a comprehensive guide to understanding and utilizing cannabis-based medicines.

Your interest means the world to me, and I warmly invite you to explore, ask, and engage. Thank you for visiting, and I eagerly look forward to connecting with you on this remarkable journey!


Benjamin Caplan, MD | Chief Medical Officer, CED Clinic, LLC | 163 Highland Ave, #1035, Needham, MA 02494

Phone: +1 617-500-3595



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