Caregiver Information

Registering a Personal Caregiver

Patients of the Medical Marijuana Program may designate a personal caregiver who can purchase and transport the patient’s medical cannabis on their behalf. ​Parents or legal guardians of pediatric patients will have to register as the patient’s personal caregiver when registering the patient for the program.

To register as a Personal Caregiver, you must have;

  • Internet access
  • Access to a scanner or mobile phone capable of uploading documents
  • The valid PIN provided by the registered patient (or the certifying provider if you are a caregiver of a pediatric patient)
  • Valid form of ID (explained below) and
  • Photograph of yourself (explained below)

Click the image below for Step-by-Step instructions for registering a Personal Caregiver

Watch the videos below is for more information about the caregiver registration process: