Unique Cannibinoids

What is a unique cannabinoid?

Many people (consumers or not) are familiar with the cannabinoids THC and more recently, CBD. However, there are over 100 different cannabinoids unique to the cannabis plant! Here, we hope to highlight those unique cannabinoids and broaden your knowledge of this magnificent, medical plant.

Where can I find unique cannabinoid products?

Production companies are exploring options of how they can extract and use the unique cannabinoids the plant offers. In Massachusetts, the medical dispensaries are now beginning to offer products that feature certain unique cannabinoids and are designed to enhance their medicinal traits; like tinctures high in CBN that are marketed as a sleep aid.

We encourage you to explore the list of dispensaries in Massachusetts, by clicking the link below, to see who is nearest to you.

Dispensary List

Product Spotlights

Below are some products available in Massachusetts medical dispensaries. Please be sure to call the dispensary to confirm they still have the products available, as inventory can fluctuate over time.

Feel Dreamy Tincture

From Green Thumb Industries

“Feel Dreamy blends CBN and THC cannabis extract with relaxing chamomile and spearmint to send you all the way to Dream Town.”

Learn more: https://www.gtigrows.com/brand/the-feel-collection

MXR Sleep Tincture

From Revolutionary Clinics

Sleep with CBN is formulated for a sleepy effect. This tincture features a large amount of CBN plus: Myrcene terpene (indicative of indicas and acts as a muscle relaxer); and Blue Dream’s terpene profile (high in myrcene and aplha pinene)

This tincture has roughly 160mg of CBN per bottle. Please refer to the label for most accurate dosage.

Learn more: https://www.revolutionaryclinics.org/

SLATE Tinctures and Beauty Serum

From SLATE Topicals & Medicinals by Commonwealth Alternative Care

We use proprietary extraction techniques to create true, raw expression extracts, and higher sheer micro emulsion technology to ensure the best possible infusion of oils and terpenes into our products. SLATE topicals provide natural, effective care from the ground up.

The high and lose dose Tinctures currently offered by SLATE offer roughly 10mg of CBG

‚ÄčThe SLATE Beauty Serum contains roughly 9.5mg of CBG

‚ÄčLearn more: https://www.commonwealthaltcare.org/slate-topicals