FDA hesitant to approve more CBD based products

FDA Warns of Potential Harm From CBD Products

In Summary

The spread of misinformation is one of the scariest things in the 21st century. As more and more people become exposed to information on the internet, it is easy for people to write or post information or data that is misleading. Keeping this in mind, the FDA has voiced its warning of skewed data relating to canabindoil products. This is due to the limited information they have on the effects cannabis products have on the body. CBD differentiates from THC because it treats pain, however; it does not produce a “high” effect like tetrahydrocannabinol.

The FDA is not only worried about CBD products themselves. The agency is also worried about the companies and locations that are producing these products. It voices concern about potential unsafe manufacturing locations where the products are packaged to be mass produced. In addition, the FDA is wary of companies and organizations not being honest about the products that are being marketed to the public. As of 2020, there has only been one drug predominantly containing CBD for treating epilepsy and will use this product as a reference when approving other prescription drugs in the future.


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