Factors that Predict Cessation of Cannabis Use

Cessation of cannabis use- A retrospective cohort study

In Summary

A retrospective cohort study conducted in Germany recently found that cessation of cannabis use can be predicted by a range of factors. Among those factors was older current age, being female, nonmigrant status, less sensation seeking, using psychological treatment, more peer cannabis use during youth and a more negative first experience with cannabis. Researchers also found that if survey-responders did not increase their frequency of use over the course of three years they were more likely to cease cannabis use. All of these factors are easy to determine early on and may lead to better prevention methods for those at a high risk of abuse.

As recreational and medical use continues to grow it seems that identifying risk factors for those who may abuse the benefits of cannabis increases in importance. If certain people are at risk of misusing cannabis and causing harm to their daily lives, for example by consuming psychoactive compounds and being unable to operate functionally within their environment, then their cannabis intake should be regulated and proper prevention methods should be put in place. Medical dispensaries are good for those just starting with cannabis because they have the freedom to experiment and figure out their ideal consumption methods and cannabinoid profile but it also allows patients the freedom to consume cannabis products that may not be very beneficial for them. It will be interesting to watch the changes in standardization as the prevalence of cannabis continues to grow.

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