Cannabis Elevated Instant Ramen Recipe


  • 1 package of Instant Ramen
  • Vegetable or Beef broth (use the amount listed on the package for water)
  • Frozen vegetable medley
  • One egg or tofu
  • Dried seaweed (to garnish)
  • Sesame Seeds (to garnish)
  • Cannabis Tincture


1. Follow the instructions on the ramen package, but swap the water out for broth

2. Add the frozen veggies when broth gets hot

3. Crack an egg in the hot broth and stir for a few minutes

  • You can also use a hard-boiled egg or chopped tofu ​

4. Add as much cannabis tincture that you want. If you are unsure, start with 1–2 drops
5. Top soup with dried seaweed and sesame seeds

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