White House & Schumer talk cannabis in OH (Newsletter: November 10, 2023)

Congressional report on marijuana economics; OH gov pushes legalization changes; Ramaswamy explains cannabis vote; VA marijuana outlook

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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that “nothing has changed” in President Joe Biden’s stance on marijuana following Ohio’s vote to legalize.

“I will leave it to the people of Ohio to decide on how they’re going to move forward.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) argued during a floor speech that Ohio’s vote to legalize marijuana is part of a broader “defeat for the MAGA agenda” in this week’s elections—and he pledged to “keep moving on bipartisan cannabis legislation” in Congress.

A new Congressional Research Service report on the economic impact of legalizing marijuana warns that if lawmakers set too high of a federal tax on cannabis, it could bolster the unregulated market and harm the legal industry’s potential.

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy explained his vote against Ohio’s cannabis legalization initiative in videos captured at the GOP debate and shared exclusively with Marijuana Moment by the Marijuana Leadership Campaign’s Don Murphy.

Ramaswamy says he’s concerned the federal government could “weaponize” criminalization against people who are engaged in state-legal cannabis activities under the “fake” pretense that they’re protected from federal prosecution.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) is calling for changes to the state’s voter-approved marijuana legalization law before key provisions take effect next month.

“The voters have said people have a right to smoke marijuana—that’s fine. But other people have the right not to smell it and not to have their kids and grandkids exposed to it.”

The Ohio Department of Commerce has already launched a FAQ explaining how the voter-approved legalization of marijuana and licensed sales will roll out—though it is cautioning that details could change if the legislature amends the law as Republican leaders have indicated they plan to.

With Virginia Democrats winning majority control of the House of Delegates and Senate, advocates see a path to legalizing marijuana sales—though there is already strong disagreement on what the legislation should look like and whether current medical cannabis operators should get a head start.

A delegation of Oregon lawmakers and other officials took a fact-finding trip to Portugal to learn how their state’s voter-approved drug decriminalization law can incorporate lessons from the country’s two-decade-old policy.

The South Dakota legislature’s Interim Rules Review Committee rejected proposed regulations to ban flavoring in medical cannabis edibles and vape products and to require testing of rolling papers used to make pre-rolled joints.


White House Office of National Drug Control Policy Director Rahul Gupta announced new federal resources aimed at equipping “businesses and state leaders with tools to expand employment opportunities for the tens of millions of Americans struggling with substance use disorder or in recovery.”

The House of Representatives approved an amendment from Rep. Dale Strong (R-AL) expressing support for drug testing as a condition of receiving public housing benefits.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Rep. Jared Golden (D-ME) are calling on the Department of Justice to investigate Chinese-owned illegal marijuana growing operations in Maine.

Rep. Wiley Nickel (D-NC) suggested that a marijuana banking bill could be part of a “horse trade” with the Senate to advance House crypto legislation.

Rep. Mike Flood (R-NE) raised concerns about delta-8 THC products in a House floor speech.

Rep. Barbra Lee (D-CA) tweeted, “In a victory for cannabis justice, Ohio became the 24th state to end marijuana prohibition!👏🏾 This is a step in the right direction. We must continue to build on this momentum, secure cannabis justice at the federal level, and end the war on drugs for good.”


The Maine Legislative Council voted to consider a bill to address the proliferation of Chinese-owned illegal marijuana growing operations in the state.

New York regulators filed revised medical cannabis rules and published a transparency plan.

Washington State regulators took action to begin rulemaking on marijuana social equity issues.

Missouri courts have expunged nearly 100,000 marijuana convictions since voters approved a legalization measure.

Rhode Island regulators entered into a consent agreement requiring a marijuana cultivator that acknowledged it possessed hundreds of pounds of unregistered cannabis products to pay $625,000 in exchange for keeping its license.

Elections offices in Georgia, Oregon and Washington were sent envelopes reportedly containing fentanyl or other substances.

New Mexico regulators will hold a hearing on proposed changes to marijuana rules on Monday.

The Massachusetts Cannabis Social Equity Advisory Board will meet on Monday.

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The Lubbock, Texas City Council will consider a citizen-initiated marijuana decriminalization proposal on Tuesday.

The Millsboro, Delaware Town Council voted to ban marijuana businesses.


The chairman of the Ukrainian Rada’s Standing Committee on National Health, Medical Aid and Medical Insurance said lawmakers are expected to vote on final passage of a medical cannabis legalization bill this month.

Uruguayan officials hosted a forum on cannabis regulations.


A review concluded that “there is developing evidence of medicinal CBD/THC improving psychiatric and behavioural presentations in general” and that “in particular, there is emergent proof in certain key areas of influence of medicinal CBD/THC positively supporting challenging behaviour, for example in children with neurodevelopmental disorders.”


The Wisconsin Democratic Party’s chairman tweeted, “Let’s be blunt. Marijuana smoked in Ohio. The ballot initiative rolled to victory, by a cushy margin. A joint effort by groups & the grass roots. And this issue doesn’t just blaze in Ohio. It’s chronic. Everywhere this seed is planted, you can see the buds flowering.”

The R Street Institute published a white paper on medical cannabis access.


Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. reported quarterly revenue of $333.2 million and a net loss of $93.8 million.

Trulieve Cannabis Corp. reported quarterly revenue of $275.2 million and a net loss of $25.8 million.

TerrAscend Corp. reported quarterly net revenue of $89.2 million and a net loss of $8.7 million.

Canopy Growth Corporation reported quarterly revenue of C$82.1 million and a net loss of C$324.8 million.

Aurora Cannabis Inc. reported quarterly net revenue of C$63.4 million.

iAnthus Capital Holdings, Inc. reported quarterly revenue of $42.9 million and a net loss of $15.6 million.

MariMed Inc. reported quarterly revenue of $38.8 million and a net loss of $4.3 million.

Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. reported quarterly revenue of $14.3 million and a net loss of $15.1 million.

Leafly Holdings, Inc. reported quarterly revenue of $10.6 million and a net loss of $2.2 million.

Agrify Corporation received an extended stay of suspension from Nasdaq pending a hearing on its failure to timely file required financial reports.


Afroman celebrated Ohio’s vote to legalize marijuana.

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