What to expect at your first medical cannabis appointment

Whether you’re new to medical cannabis or new to CED Clinic, it’s normal to have questions about how the process works. You should feel at ease when you schedule your consultation.

With our holistic approach and expert cannabis physicians, you can rest assured you’re in good hands. Still not sure about getting started? Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect at your first appointment.

  1. Overview of the medical cannabis program and industry

One of the most important steps is making sure you have a good view and understanding of what you’re pursuing with medical cannabis.

At our cannabis clinic, we’ll provide details about the application process, the Massachusetts medical program, and how we can help along the way. We’ll share our own research and discovery of local cannabis dispensaries and the range of solutions they offer for medical patients. Once we become familiar with your condition and medical needs, we can recommend approaches to cannabis that may be helpful for you.

  1. Review of your medical history

There’s a reason why you’re considering becoming a medical cannabis patient. At your consultation, we’ll work to learn about your concerns and any relevant maladies or conditions you may be faced with. We want to better understand your symptoms so we can match you with appropriate suggestions for cannabis therapies.

We’ll ask questions like:

  • What do you hope to accomplish by incorporating medical cannabis into your treatment plan?
  • How much do you suffer in your daily life?
  • What are your long-term health goals and hopes?
  • Do you have specific concerns about privacy?
  • Do you want to limit your cannabis consumption to home life and avoid it during the daytime? Or, instead, do you want support all day long?
  • Do you want guidance with how to steer consumption to be as fluid and simple as possible?
  • Do you want to avoid anyone else knowing or bothering you about consuming cannabis?

We’ll talk about your health goals, how medical marijuana might help you meet them, and provide recommendations tailored to your needs. These questions are critical to your well-being and an effective cannabis-based regimen. We want you to succeed with knowledge from the best!

  1. Open discussion about you and addressing your questions and concerns

This consultation is about getting to know you and helping you make an informed decision about medical cannabis. Our #1 goal is to ensure that you’re relaxed, comfortable, and confident about this process. And equally so while the process continues.

For this reason, your initial cannabis consultation is an opportunity for you to ask questions and raise any concerns you might have. We expect skepticism and tough questions, and we want you to feel complete ownership of your medical care.

CED is designed to arm you with the tools to become the master of your own fate – not to heed medical advice like some magical force. We’ll have an open discussion about your health needs and any past experience with cannabinoid therapies. This will better enable us to guide you in the right direction throughout the duration of your cannabis care.

  1. An introduction to a long-term, collaborative relationship for your cannabis care

Our medical cannabis clinic has a holistic approach to medicine that involves a longer view of what defines quality care. In other words, most medical concerns can’t be fully addressed within a single consultation. We’re not just seeking to get you “in the door” to medical cannabis. Rather, we’re eager to support a lasting relationship with you as a patient that doesn’t rely on longer-term subscription costs.

CED physicians stand by the knowledge that lasting recovery not only takes time, but also requires a compassionate approach to healthcare. As a result, your first appointment should be patient, collaborative, and able to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

Want to book an appointment with our cannabis clinic?

If you’re  to take the next step, request an appointment online to get started. We look forward to meeting you and helping you plan personalized treatment options with medical cannabis. Bring your questions, bring your concerns, and let’s find a path to help you take command!

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