The use of cannabis and perceptions of its effect on fertility among infertility patients

As a result of cannabis use being legalized in Canada in October 2018, more Canadians have reported to begin consuming it in recent years. Meanwhile, scientific study has demonstrated multiple consequences of cannabis use on fertility in both men and women, as well as on pregnancy health.

However, according to a survey conducted by clinical researchers in a large fertility center in Toronto, Ontario in 2019, 13% of patients with infertility had been using cannabis within the last year, although another 38% had used it at some points in the past. The survey also indicated that, unsurprisingly, people who consumed cannabis more recently were less likely to be aware of or believe in its negative effects on fertility and pregnancy compared with those who have ceased consumption or non-users. Furthermore, among cannabis users, 72% said they had or would disclose use to their doctors but only 9.4% had been advised to discontinue use by the doctors.

Based on these findings, the authors highlighted several important courses of action going forward. First, more healthcare providers should pay attention to cannabis use practice and consider the benefits of counselling about cannabis cessation for infertility patients who are attempting to conceive. Second, patient care will benefit from future research analyzing the effects of cannabis use on female fertility and determining whether a reduction or cessation helps infertility patients improve conception rates.


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