The Effect of Cooling Temperature on Growth Rates

Clothing the emperor- dynamic root–shoot allocation trajectories in relation to whole-plant growth rate and in response to temperature

In Summary

An article was recently published discussing how cooling the temperature of the environment a plant is growing in effects the overall growth pattern. Researchers specifically found that root–shoot biomass allocation and whole-plant growth rate varied ontogenetically in contrasting species in response to cooling. These variations in growth rates were seen in various strains of grass and flowering plants. The authors conclude that the findings of this study highlight the importance of measuring temporal growth dynamics rather than “snapshot” comparison, like height. Further research should expand to other species of plants beyond grasses and generic flowering plants found in most garden stores.

Mass-produced cannabis plants tend to be grown in hydroponic set-ups like the plants in this study and are known to be sensitive to changes in growth factors. As the cannabis industry continues to grow the number of growers needed is increasing, stimulating the job market, but the number of at-home cultivators is also growing. For growers at home, it is important to note that the cannabinoids produced in a strain can vary depending on growth factors such as temperature, the mineral content of the soil, etc. They can purchase seeds of their favored strain grown in Colorado and grow an entirely different plant at their home in California. Consumers should be sure to consume a small dose or perfectly replicate growing conditions to ensure safe and effective consumption.

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