The Benefits and Limitations of Vaporization

A Qualitative Analysis of Cannabis Vaporization Among Medical Users

In Summary

Researchers have recently analyzed popular vaping behavior and revealed the advantages of vaporizing medical cannabis. The general advantages of vaporizing medical cannabis include portability, concealability, and efficiency, while the medical advantages like promoting tobacco cessation and it’s quick-acting effects. There are also limitations to vaporization, like technology-use barriers for those who find technology difficult to work with and the cost of such devices. Vaporizing may also prove to be advantageous or disadvantageous for patients depending on their medical condition, meaning that all patients should discuss consumption mechanisms with their physician.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow various consumption methods become readily available for consumers, each presenting its own benefits and limitations. Patients should thoroughly research the different consumption methods and discuss which method would work best for them. Vaporizers in the featured article were mainly portable but desktop vaporizers are also available and often more efficient. The world of edibles continues to grow and it better for those looking for longer-lasting, stronger, and delayed effects. Tinctures are easy to prepare at home or buy online and are ideal for incorporating into patients’ favorite meals, smoothies, or can be taken sublingually for fast-acting effects and raw cannabinoids. Experimentation is encouraged, just be sure to start at a slow dose and slowly feel out the effects.

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