Testing Essential Oils of Industrial Hemp Against Bacteria

Why is industrial hemp growth coming from the Cannabis Sativa L. strain of cannabis is restricted in many countries? Because it’s often confused with marijuana.

But this lower THC strain has very little psychoactive properties, and is more often used for textile purposes. Also, essential oils from this low THC cannabis strain may have hidden benefits: antimicrobial activity.

Can Hemp Oil Fight Bacteria?

This essential oils of industrial hemp study looked at the antimicrobial properties of hemp oils against different types of bacteria. They looked at three different hemp oils (Carmagnola, Fibranova, and Futura) and found the oils might be most effective at fighting off gram positive bacteria (i.e. strep or staph infections).

Futura Oil Fought Best

Out of three different varieties of industrial hemp, oils from the Futura plant were the best at fighting a broader range of bacteria including food-born pathogens. Futura oils were virtually identical in composition to the other two essential oils, with the exception of a twofold increase in terpinolene compared to Carmagnola and Fibranova.

The Key is Terpinolene Concentration

Therefore, the higher terpinolene concentration is likely the cause of the increased antimicrobial activity. This effect is particularly applicable in the context of rising antibiotic resistance, where diseases such as MRSA become resistant to our current antibiotics. Topical hemp oils with antimicrobial effects could provide an alternative method of fighting off bacteria.

Curious About Hemp and Cannabis as an Alternative to Antibiotics?

To learn how the essential oils of hemp and cannabis could be used to help fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, book an appointment with our medical cannabis doctors through our virtual booking link or by giving us a call (617-500-3595).

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This study finds yet another use for industrial Hemp – antimicrobial activity. The researchers here tested essential oils from three different types of industrial hemp plant (Carmagnola, Fibranova, and Futura) against bacteria. They found that Futura oils had the broadest and most pronounced antimicrobial activities compared to the other two hemp varieties. Futura oils had a higher concentration of the compound terpinolene compared to Carmagnola and Fibranova oils, which likely explains their higher antimicrobial activity. Hemp oils might be a beneficial alternative to fight bacteria, particularly in the context of increasing antibiotic resistance.


Hemp oils have antimicrobial properties and could be used to help fight against antibiotic resistant bacteria.


Would you trust hemp oils over other antibiotic treatments such as neosporin?

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