Kentucky Hemp Company Purchases Manufacturing Partner

The company says the move will allow it to lower prices on its CBD products.

Kentucky-based CBD maker Cornbread Hemp closed on the acquisition of an unnamed manufacturing partner, marking a transition to full vertical integration for the business.

That means the four-year-old hemp business will be able to lower its prices and compete more effectively in the national marketplace, CEO Eric Zipperle said in a press release.

“We are thrilled to offer full-spectrum CBD gummies at a better price, while continuing to uphold the integrity and quality that Cornbread Hemp is known for,” Zipperle said, and further called the acquisition a “momentous achievement” for the business.

Vertical integration also will allow the company to better oversee its own product quality control, the company asserted in the announcement.

Cornbread Hemp produces CBD gummies, whole flower CBD oil, distilled CBD oil, and a line of CBD-infused topicals, and uses only certified organic materials in its manufacturing process, according to the release.

The company already has products on store shelves in 30 states, ships online orders to customers nationally, and has a footprint in all Fresh Thyme Markets.

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