Green Market Report New York Awards: Best Place to Work Bison Botanics

At the Green Market Report New York Cannabis Business Summit in New York City on Sept. 13, we recognized some of the stellar industry players with the GMR New York Cannabis Awards.

The winner of Best Place to Work was Bison Botanics, which stands tall as not just a role model in business, but also as an example of workplace culture and community engagement.

The brainchild of CEO Frank Shultz, the Kenmore-based operator has become synonymous with community upliftment in Buffalo and the broader Western New York region. Beyond its primary focus as an adult-use cannabis processor, the company’s influence extends into education, community engagement, and mentorship.

During his tenure, Shultz has emphasized fostering positive relationships, fortifying the community, and championing each of the company’s 28 employees. He’s credited with cultivating an environment where every employee, from the sanitation technician to the chief information officer, feels valued, supported, and part of a larger purpose.

Shultz’s commitment to his community isn’t just a talking point. It’s demonstrated through tangible actions. Bison Botanics has facilitated educational tours and presentations with esteemed institutions such as Buffalo Business First and the Cannabis Association of New York. Its outreach even extends to students at Erie County Community College.

Vendor relations, a cornerstone of Bison Botanics’ growth strategy, emphasizes trust, commitment, reliability, and character. In the often-unpredictable NY cannabis market, such a foundation has proved invaluable.

What truly sets Bison Botanics apart, however, is its proactive approach to employee growth. Recognizing that employees may have aspirations outside the company, Shultz and Bison Botanics actively support those dreams. Stories abound of team members transitioning from the company to pursue diverse paths, be it enlisting in the U.S. Marines, embarking on musical journeys, or chasing artistic endeavors.

For many Bison Botanics employees, Shultz isn’t just a CEO; he’s a mentor and a life coach. His influence transcends the professional realm, leaving an indelible mark on personal lives.

As one employee shared with Green Market Report, “His impact on me has gone far beyond a paycheck, and I strive to be more like him every day.”

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