Green Market Report Names New York Cannabis Award Winners

Navigating the New York cannabis market these days requires resilience and creativity – just a few of the characteristics shared by the winners of the first ever Green Market Report New York Cannabis Awards.

The awards were announced at the GMR New York Cannabis Summit in New York City on Sept. 13.

Here are the 2023 award winners:

Best Dispensary: Housing Works Cannabis Co.Sasha Nutgent, general manager

Running the sole legal dispensary in New York City during winter 2023, Sasha Nutgent trained and equipped a dynamic team of more than 50 individuals who handled that demand, established effective pickup and delivery options, and built public confidence in legal cannabis. This high-traffic dispensary processes more than 1,000 daily transactions on its busiest days and has exceeded $12 million in sales in just six months.

Best Brand: PharmaCannBryan Benavides, director of digital marketing, and Brett Novey, chief executive officer

Every year, the popularity of cannabis-infused edibles – from gummies to beverages – continues to increase as a convenient and discreet option for both new and experienced consumers. PharmaCann recognized right away that this growing popularity presented an opportunity to produce a high-quality consumable product that would appeal to those consumers whose tastes run beyond vaping and smoking. This ability to adapt to changing consumer demand is what earned PharmaCann the award for Best Brand.

Best Lawyer: Benjamin RattnerCermele & Wood LLP

The New York market is anything but straightforward, but according to a couple of Ben Rattner’s clients, he served as their “guiding light.” He helped interpret and comply with the multifaceted regulations, as well as providing guidance to strategically maneuver through challenges. “His commitment to our success was evident in the countless hours he spent understanding our unique needs, and then meticulously crafting solutions tailored to our situation,” they said.

Best Ancillary Provider: KCSALewis Goldberg, managing partner and principal

In 2014, KCSA Strategic Communications jumped headfirst into the budding cannabis industry. Today, KCSA works across and supports the entire cannabis supply chain,including major Canadian LPs, the biggest multistate operators in the U.S., international cultivators in Colombia, ancillary service providers, and sources of capital.

Best Ancillary Provider – Nonprofit: Hospitality PathwaysBeatrice Stein, founder and director

After the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the hospitality world, Beatrice Stein pivoted to the cannabis industry and established her new nonprofit, Hospitality Pathways. Her goal, then and now, was to give disenfranchised population the training, skills, and confidence they need to succeed in the retail cannabis industry. Her students now work in every legal retail location in the five boroughs and represent some the highest sellers and the most requested of their peers.

Best Place to Work: Bison BotanicsFrank Shultz, chief executive officer

Bison Botanics is a pillar in the Buffalo and Western New York community. This reaches far beyond the cannabis realm and has spilled over into education, community engagement, and mentorship. CEO Frank Shultz has not only donated, sponsored, and hosted events, but has also led many programs in the community. Frank focuses on strengthening the community, fostering positive relationships, and lifting up his employees, helping to create individualized paths for success.

Congratulations to all of the 2023 Green Market Report New York Cannabis Award winners!

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