Green Market Report Michigan Awards: Best Ancillary Products Cryo Cure

Cryo Cure’s patented process allows cultivators to prepare cannabis for consumption in under 24 hours.

At the first ever Green Market Report Michigan Cannabis Business Summit in Detroit on Sept. 6, we recognized some of the stellar industry players with the GMR Michigan Cannabis Awards.

The winner of Best Ancillary Products was Cryo Cure, which has developed a globally patented drying and curing technique for cannabis.

Under the leadership of CEO Tracee McAfee and co-founder Greg Baughman, the Cryo Cure method significantly reduces the typical processing time, allowing cultivators to prepare cannabis for consumption in under 24 hours. The idea is to help provide hefty savings in space and utility costs.

Although it draws inspiration from the traditional freeze-drying process, McAfee noted a critical distinction: Traditional methods that remove all moisture can often strip the flower of its vital properties.

“People that put flower in a freeze dryer and it turns out poorly, then have a bad perception on how good it can really be when done with our globally patented method and following our SOPs,” McAfee told Green Market Report.

The partnership of McAfee and Baughman in the cannabis space has seen steady growth over the years. Baughman has an eight-year tenure as a care giver in Michigan. More recently, the team achieved a milestone with their operations expanding beyond state lines.

“(We) just harvested our first commercial crop in Nevada this month,” McAfee said. The company is also on track to launch its Cryo Cured products in Las Vegas under the label CRYO.

When reflecting on what drew her to the cannabis sector, McAfee’s answer was deeply personal: “Our love of helping people heal and be well with the plant. This desire continues to fuel our passion.”

That passion has borne fruit. McAfee cites the creation of the Cryo Cure process as their “eureka moment,” adding that they’ve been honored by the cannabis industry as a “game-changing innovator.”

With a clear vision for the future, McAfee said, “We have started licensing our patented technology and award-winning genetics in multiple states, with great success. Our partnerships are growing very fast, and we look forward to getting the Cryo Cure experience into all legal states.”

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