Dr. Caplan’s cannabis care for suffering children

Strong work by Dan Adams in today’s Boston Globe, underscoring the FIERCE struggles (and matched heroics!) that all too many families face as they fight for their children against the anti-cannabis armchair highbrows who sling conspiracy and fear at these suffering families, without a lick of trench experience, and a half-hearted reading of the published literature. “This isn’t kids smoking doobies,” [a patient parent] said. “Every parent I’ve ever worked with who even considered [cannabis] was at the end of their rope dealing with horrific suffering that the average family cannot imagine. They’d seen multiple specialists and tried multiple medications, and even then no one was encouraging them to pursue it besides other parents in the same situation.” “We don’t see healthy children coming in with their parents to get medical cards for fun,” said Dr. Benjamin Caplan, whose Massachusetts practice specializes in pediatric medical marijuana cases. “The kids we’re seeing are extremely challenged, whether it’s seizure disorders or extreme autism or severe emotional maladies. Cannabis is revolutionizing their lives and allowing them to function and participate normally in everyday life where they simply couldn’t before, including in schools.” “I’m not doing anything illegal or immoral by leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of better health for my son,” said Stern, one of the few parents willing to share their names.


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