DEA threatens pharmacies over cannabis (Newsletter: December 7, 2023)

OH lawmakers’ marijuana reversal; MA psychedelics; MN legalization implementation survey; TX decrim on ballot; AMA psilocybin study

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The Drug Enforcement Administration is threatening Georgia pharmacies that provide patients with medical cannabis oil in accordance with state law. It’s not clear how the agency’s action squares with a congressionally approved rider that says the Department of Justice can’t interfere with state medical marijuana policies.

In a major reversal, the Ohio Senate passed a bill that amends the voter-approved marijuana legalization law by maintaining home grow rights, adding expungements and letting adults buy cannabis at medical dispensaries immediately upon enactment.

Massachusetts psychedelics activists say local election clerks across the state certified that they collected enough valid signatures to force lawmakers to consider a legalization initiative in 2024. It could go on the ballot if the legislature doesn’t act.

The Minnesota Office of Cannabis Management is taking the next step toward crafting rules for the newly legal marijuana market with a survey seeking public input on issues related to testing, environmental controls, pesticides and fertilizers.

The Lubbock, Texas City Council scheduled a May 4, 2024 special election for voters to decide on a marijuana decriminalization ballot initiative.

A new study published by the American Medical Association highlights the “efficacy and safety” of psilocybin therapy in treating bipolar II disorder, with participants displaying “strong and persistent antidepressant effects.”

“Most participants met remission criteria…3 weeks after a single 25-mg psilocybin dose, and most remained in remission 12 weeks postdose with no increase in mania/hypomania symptoms or suicidality.”

Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo (R) announced a new executive director for the Cannabis Compliance Board.


Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) suggested adding credit card reform legislation to a marijuana banking bill if it advances.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) sent a letter urging the U.S. attorney for Maine to take action against illegal Chinese-owned marijuana growing operations in the state.

The House bill to let Department of Veterans Affairs doctors recommend medical cannabis got one new cosponsor for a total of 28.

The House bill to create a commission to prepare for federal marijuana legalization got one new cosponsor for a total of four.


Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (D) tweerted, “As Governor, I will always make it a priority to bring people together to move things forward for our state. From medical marijuana to legalized sports betting, we’re getting big things done for our people.”

Oklahoma’s attorney general wrote about his efforts to combat illegal marijuana growing operations.

Kentucky’s House majority whip is calling on the federal government to allow marijuana business banking access and to reschedule cannabis.

A Virginia senator discussed the prospects for passing legislation to legalize marijuana sales.

Colorado regulators issued a health and safety advisory about marijuana products with yeast, mold and aspergillus above the acceptable limits.

New Mexico’s top marijuana regulator spoke about enforcement efforts against noncompliant businesses.

New York regulators hosted a town hall meeting on marijuana social equity dispensary licenses. Separately, a regulator spoke about licensing for out-of-state cannabis brands.

Pennsylvania regulators posted an update on the medical cannabis program.

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Montgomery County, Maryland officials sent a letter urging Gov. Wes Moore (D) to pardon people who are incarcerated for certain marijuana offenses.

The Anchorage, Alaska Assembly delayed a vote on a measure to allow marijuana businesses to offer samples, drive-thru and walk-up windows and sales via internet and phone.


Japanese lawmakers approved a bill to legalize cannabis-based medicines while also closing loopholes to more effectively criminalize recreational marijuana use.

Canadian regulators published guidance on cannabis products with intoxicating cannabinoids other than delta-9-THC.

A leader of Germany’s Social Democratic Party clarified that a delay in considering a marijuana legalization bill is not due to problems with its substance but rather because lawmakers want to address separate budget issues first.


A study of phytocannabinoids used to treat animals found that “both dogs and cats showed different improvement grades in clinical signs.”


Attorney Rod Kight accused the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp of using “‘Reefer Madness’ fear mongering” in a court brief.


BZAM Ltd. is acquiring Final Bell Canada Inc.

CannaMenus finalized its acquisition of Nugget.

Zen Leaf workers in Chicago, Illinois voted to join Teamsters Local 777.

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