Connecticut To Double Limit on Weed Purchases

Connecticut’s cannabis regulatory agency announced last week that it is increasing the amount of cannabis that can be bought in a single transaction by doubling the state’s limit on recreational marijuana purchases. Under the new regulations approved by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP), adult-use cannabis consumers will be permitted to purchase up to a half-ounce (about 14 grams) of cannabis flower or its equivalent beginning next month. 

The limit on purchases of medical marijuana has not been changed. It remains at 5 ounces of cannabis flower or the equivalent monthly, with no limits on purchases in a single transaction.

The DCP noted in a statement that the decision to increase the limit on adult-use cannabis purchases was made based on an ongoing analysis of supply and demand in Connecticut’s regulated cannabis market. The agency also said that the limit will continue to be reviewed over time, adding that the caps are in place to help ensure an adequate supply of cannabis for both adult-use consumers and medical marijuana patients.

“DCP has continually reviewed available supply and demand since prior to the launch of the adult-use cannabis industry in January 2023,” DCP Commissioner Bryan T. Cafferelli said in a statement from the agency. “As more retailers, production companies and other supply chain licensees have come online, the capacity of the industry has increased. We are confident this measured approach to adult-use sales has resulted in a healthy market for businesses, and a safe and fair marketplace for adult-use cannabis consumers and medical marijuana patients.”

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont signed legislation to legalize recreational marijuana in June 2021, ending the prohibition on possession of cannabis by adults 21 and older and creating a framework for regulated adult-use cannabis sales. Regulated sales of adult-use cannabis began in January and already generate about $25 million in weed sales each month.

Connecticut’s adult-use cannabis legalization statute tasks the DPC with regulating the production and sale of marijuana in the state. Under rules adopted by the agency before the launch of adult-use cannabis sales, purchases of adult-use cannabis were limited to a quarter-ounce (about 7 grams) of marijuana per transaction. The DPC’s change last week doubles the cap, allowing adult-use cannabis consumers to purchase up to a half-ounce of cannabis flower or the equivalent beginning on December 1, 2023.

The DCP noted that different types of cannabis products can be purchased together up to a total of a half-ounce of flower or the equivalent. Examples of what might make up a half-ounce of cannabis flower or the equivalent were also given via the following table:

Up to 14 pre-rolled cigarettes that weigh 1 gram each, or 28 pre-rolled cigarettes that weigh 0.5 grams each. Or any combination up to 14 total grams, which equals 1/2 ounce.
Four to eight vape cartridges, which come in .5 mL and 1 mL sizes.
Edibles vary by type and size. A standard-sized brownie or cookie can be the equivalent of .08 grams of cannabis flower. One edible serving cannot have more than 5 milligrams of THC.
A combination of different product types that collectively amount to no more than 1/2 of an ounce.

The law limits possession of cannabis to 1.5 ounces of flower by adults aged 21 and older. Adults may also store up to 5 ounces of cannabis in a locked container at home or transport it in a vehicle’s locked glovebox or trunk.

About 20 cannabis dispensaries have begun sales of recreational weed so far, including hybrid stores that sell both medical marijuana and adult-use cannabis. Last month, the DCP said that about 100 cannabis-related businesses including cultivators, packagers, shippers, and dispensaries were in the process of being licensed, including 46 recreational or hybrid dispensaries.

“There’s about 100 businesses somewhere in that licensing pipeline right now that are expected to open in the next year” throughout the state, Cafferelli said last month.

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