Connecticut Cannabis Sales Continue Slow, Steady Growth in September

Connecticut’s nascent adult-use marijuana industry continued its steady march forward in September with $14.3 million in sales, yet another monthly increase, continuing a trend that’s been ongoing all year since the new market launched in January.

The state also sold $10.8 million in medical marijuana, for a grand total of $25.2 million in cannabis sales last month, another monthly bump for the state market as a whole, up from just below $25 million in August, according to data from the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection.

Though medical marijuana sales have been trending steadily downward over the course of 2023 in Connecticut, recreational sales have shown the inverse, a common trend among former MMJ states that adopt recreational legalization.

Last month, Connecticut cannabis consumers bought 376,000 recreational marijuana products and 284,000 medical products, and 52% of purchases were for straight cannabis flower, with the runner-up product category being vape cartridges, which comprised 30% of products sold. Edibles comprised just 11% of sales, and the remaining 7% was split among concentrates, topicals and other product types.

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