Colorado Marijuana Sales Surge in July After Earlier 2023 Dip

Monthly sales are still running below prior year trends.

The Colorado marijuana market appears to have gotten a slight summer bump this year, with sales surging to $131.2 million in June and then $137.3 million in July, after slumping in the winter and spring to the lowest point in four years.

According to statistics from the Colorado Department of Revenue, the state’s cannabis industry sold $16 million worth of medical marijuana in July and another $121.3 million in adult-use cannabis. That’s up more than $11 million total from the month of May, when state cannabis sales were just $126 million.

By contrast, Colorado monthly marijuana sales topped $153 million in July 2022, $202 million in July 2021, and the biggest sales month on record was July 2020, when the industry sold $226.3 million worth of cannabis, according to state figures.

But those two years were outliers, when the COVID-19 pandemic had many across the nation quarantined at home and supplemented with government stimulus checks. Once life returned to a semblance of normality after the pandemic sales bump, marijuana sales in several mature markets took a tumble, including in Colorado, where monthly marijuana sales haven’t crept above $153 million since 2021.

The top sales month for the year in Colorado remains March, when the industry sold $139.6 million in cannabis.

As of the end of July, Colorado has sold $920 million in marijuana for the year to date, and a grand total of $14.9 billion since the adult-use market launched in 2014. That means the state will almost certainly pass the $15 billion sales mark in September.

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