Cannabis for the Chaos?

By Jenna Berkowitz

Cannabis consumption can be a wonderful way to de-stress during the unprecedented COVID-19 chaos. Marijuana can help alleviate anxiety and discomfort that seems abundant during life in quarantine.

Here are 5 light-hearted tips, with serious intentions, for how to unwind at home with some comforting kush:

1. Turn off the news, and break out the bong (or your favorite piece!)


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While it is important to check for daily COVID-19 updates from the government and CDC, it may be equally helpful to remove sources of stress that may trigger anxiety during a cannabis session. Take a couple of hours just for yourself (or with your home-quarantine buddy!) to enjoy a peaceful break – and some leafy greens.

2. Couple your kush with a soothing activity:


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After reaching that exquisite, elevated state mixing cannabis with quarantine, try to supplement your high with a relaxing activity; FaceTime a friend, eat a yummy snack, cuddle up with a book or stream a good movie. These all pair wonderfully with a canna-quarantine! If you are finding yourself with heightened anxiety from the Corona-chaos, these added distractions may do wonders to ease the adaptations.


3. Catch some ZZZ’s


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It may be difficult to go to bed with heaps of bad news on your mind. Thankfully, certain types of cannabis are well known for their ability to distract, add artificial levity, and support sleep. Many people find Indica strains to be especially helpful, however, some people may not experience a sleepy effect.

4. AND STILL be mindful of Social distancing!!


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Although cannabis intake can be an engaging social activity, we must remember to be socially responsible and practice safe social distancing to prevent the spread of germs and support public health. The Coronavirus fight is one we must win by working together. If possible, do NOT share your cannabis accessories (joints, pipes, bongs, vapes, etc), and try to still maintain at least a 6-foot distance between people while you light up! If you MUST share, be sure to sanitize your accessory with rubbing alcohol after you puff, and before you pass.

Consider alternatives to social smoking or vaping -Edibles and tinctures are another great way to get high with your quarantine buddies, but please be aware of the potency and the longer period of intoxication.

If you enjoy getting high with your friends, getting “lit” over video chat is always an option as well! Just no recording, unless it’s mutually agreeable!


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5. BE AWARE of your limits:


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You definitely don’t want any extra discomfort from a relaxing cannabis session. Please keep in mind, While you CANNOT overdose from cannabis with lasting concern, everyone has a limit of comfort and a maximum tolerable dose. If you are a new user or are unsure of your comfort levels with a cannabis product, remember to START SLOW and GO SLOW. When inhaling, wait at least 10 minutes after your first hit from a vape or joint (or wait 2+ hours if you are ingesting edibles).


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Also, you do not have to get high (or intoxicated) from cannabis if you don’t want to! Find the dose that’s right for your desired productivity level by using the START SLOW method. Or, consider alternative cannabis intakes like CBD-dominant products and topicals.

Most importantly, if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation related to too much cannabis use, consider taking CBD to help rescue or dial down the effects of THC.

Remember to follow these steps if you decide to quaran-toke up for a more relaxing quarantine.

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