August Worst Month for Missouri Marijuana Sales Since Market Launch

Sales declined for both medical and adult-use cannabis.

The Missouri marijuana market posted a strong $119 million sales total for August, but sales were actually down in the Midwest state to the lowest level since adult-use sales began in February, when the market sold $102.9 million.

The August total includes $22 million in medical sales and $97 million in recreational sales. Medical marijuana sales have declined steadily each month, while recreational sales have stayed solidly above $90 million monthly since the market launch.

The overall August sales totals were down by $4.2 million from July, when sales topped $123.2 million, according to data from the state, KOMU reported. That was due to a drop in both medical and rec sales from July to August.

The top sales month of the year so far has been March, with $126.2 million in total cannabis sales, including $32.7 million in medical and $93.5 million in recreational.

The state as a whole has sold more than $1.4 billion worth of marijuana in 2023, KOMU reported.

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