5 Benefits of Being a Medical Cannabis Patient

Like many Massachusetts residents, you may choose self-medicate for various symptoms with marijuana that you buy recreationally. It’s possible you never realized this is what you were doing, or that you even thought of these symptoms as a health concern.

Does consuming cannabis alleviate any kind of pain, discomfort, or mental illness for you? If so, you’re likely eligible to become a medical patient.

Why get a medical marijuana card when you can buy products recreationally? There are many benefits to being a medical cardholder, and it’s important to be informed before you make your decision.

1. Savings and tax exemptions

Let’s face it, cannabis is expensive. And the taxes on it add up quickly — especially in Taxachusetts!

Fortunately, medical patients are exempt from taxes on cannabis products. Depending on where you live, this could mean up to 20% in savings each time you visit the dispensary.

Then there’s the added benefit of sales and discounts. Dispensaries can offer special sales on medical products, but not on those sold for adult use. Often, this includes special deals for new patients of $100-200 off, which essentially covers the cost of obtaining a medical card. When holidays come around, from Valentine’s Day to Thanksgiving, the medical shops offer strong incentives to bring customers to the door – sometimes up to 30-40% off usual prices! How’s that for getting your money’s worth?

2. Access to more products

In Massachusetts, dispensaries that offer both recreational and medical cannabis must reserve 35% of their inventory for medical patients. If a medical product is out of stock, it may be pulled from the adult use side to prioritize patient needs.

In addition, as a cardholder, you can legally buy products with higher concentrations of THC when available.

Another benefit: since some dispensaries are medical only, patients also have access to more dispensaries than adult-use consumers.

3. Better service at the dispensary

Every dispensary caters to patients differently, but there are many perks on the medical side when it comes to service.

As a cardholder, you may be able to skip the line at the dispensary. You may have access to a more efficient sales process, or even have products delivered to you.

Further, medical cannabis patients typically receive special support that adult-use customers don’t. For instance, dispensaries often have areas for patients to privately address their medical concerns and treatment options with staff. Staff members may also dedicate more one-on-one time with you to answer questions and make product recommendations.

4. Evidence-based, long-term medical care

When you choose CED Clinic, it’s not just about signing up for a medical cannabis card. With Dr. Benjamin Caplan, you’ll get a healthcare partner to guide you through your medical cannabis journey.

In fact, Dr. Caplan dedicates time year-round for one-on-one consultations with medical cannabis patients. As a board-certified family physician, he’s also available to offer expert advice and second opinions for any traditional healthcare needs, and the critical points of overlap where your traditional medical questions may intersect with your cannabis care preferences..

Unlike many other medical cannabis clinics, CED will establish a long-term relationship with you beyond your first visit. Our goal is to gain an understanding of your condition(s) to provide you with the best possible care, year after year.

5. Access to other cannabis services through our clinic

As a CED Clinic patient, you have another unique perk. You can take advantage of additional services through Dr. Caplan’s other canna-businesses.

For example, you have early access to EO Care, Inc., a new digital therapeutics company not yet open to the public. Patients are also able to use the CED Clinic Library, which is the world’s largest digital library of free medical cannabis research.

And by subscribing to the CED Clinic blog and following Dr. Caplan on social media, you can receive even more news and insights about cannabis.

Thinking of becoming a medical cannabis patient?

Book a telemedicine appointment at your convenience. We’ll review your medical history and qualifying conditions, and talk about the ways in which you can use cannabis.

CED Clinic certifies patients for medical cannabis programs in the following states:

  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont

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  1. It’s interesting to learn that having a marijuana card gives you access to exceptional services at dispensaries. One of my aunts is interested in medical marijuana because she’s heard it helps with arthritis, and she wants to make an appointment to get a card next month. She’ll be grateful for your insight on medical cannabis patients and their benefits.

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