4 Ways to Make Cannabis Part of Your Pre-Workout Routine

Did you know our bodies are naturally designed to work with cannabinoids found in marijuana? Our endocannabinoid system has receptors that bind with the compounds in cannabis to provide medical properties. By adding weed to your pre-workout routine, you’ll enjoy a different fitness experience.

Cannabis and workouts? Who would have thought the two go hand in hand? Marijuana is beginning to stabilize its footprint in our daily lives with great benefits for fitness gurus.

Everyone reacts differently to consuming cannabis before a workout. Your resistance to THC and CBD levels is vital in how energized or relaxed you’ll be.

Since there are many strains with different effects, consuming the right strain for a specific workout is important.

Buds cultivated from indica seeds offer a full-body calming experience, perfect for less intense workouts like yoga. For the burst of energy, consume buds grown from sativa seeds.

Here’s how to take your fitness abilities to new heights by adding cannabis to your pre-workout routines.

The benefits of cannabis for pre-workoutsOne of the greatest benefits of marijuana is its anti-inflammatory properties. Has muscle tension ever restrained you from exercising? Cannabis could help ease muscle pain.

Sativa properties in marijuana are great for active physical workouts like running and cardio. In contrast, indica dominant strains are best for low-intensity exercises that don’t need much energy.

THC or CBD levels in a specific strain plays a vital role in the effects you’ll experience throughout your workout. Any cannabis with profound amounts of THC provides psychoactive effects.

Cannabis fans consume CBD strains for the healing abilities it offers them.

The beauty of cannabis is there’s a strain to fit any workout mood. The difference between sativa or indica for working out is the distinctive effects of a high or low energy rush.

Harlequin is a perfect sativa pre-workout strain. It provides clear-headed, physically energized effects. It encourages you to take on any strenuous exercising routine.

Adding marijuana to your exercise regime stimulates the body and mind to perform better without feeling anxious. Your muscles become stronger since pain is the last thing you tend to feel.

Take precautionary measures before indulging in marijuana pre-exercising. Underlying heart conditions are a cause for concern, and in this case, it’s best to refrain from consuming weed before working out.

Double up on fluids while training. As with traditional methods of using cannabis, staying hydrated is vital.

Here’s how to use cannabis before working out

Topical creams

We all know the feeling of stiff muscles after intense exercising sessions. The muscle tension often prevents us from following suit the next day.

Cannabis is now available in a variety of cosmetic applications to the skin to relieve ailments. Effects are still experienced with high THC strains since the skin absorbs the compounds.

Apply a CBD or THC topical cream to relieve inflammation and sore muscles before or after working out. You can expect to feel the effects within 10–20 minutes after rubbing in the oils, lotions, or balms.


A great smoke-free way of infusing weed into your pre-workout routine is to drop it under your tongue or add it to a beverage. Tinctures are alcohol- or glycerine-based cannabis extracts.

For fast effects in about 15 minutes, consume your tincture sublingually. Adding it to food or beverages takes up to two hours to feel the impact.

Making your tinctures is even better when growing your strain of choice from seed. This way, you can control the strength of the THC or CBD you need.

Tinctures are low in calories and have a long shelf life if stored in a cool, dark place. One batch will last a while, allowing you to indulge in weed for a pre-workout more often.


Who doesn’t like brownies? Edibles are popular because they’re easy to consume and they have long-lasting effects. Besides the THC or CBD gummies you can take before a workout, there are alternative ways to ingest marijuana.

As the cannabis doors further open to the world, so too do the advancements of marijuana-infused cooking. Staying fit and healthy only works if you combine it with proper meal plans.

While experimenting with weed before a workout is encouraged, note that doing so can induce or suppress hunger.

The receptors in our endocannabinoid system are stimulated by these chemical compounds causing us to crave food or avoid it. THC-rich strains could have you eating for hours, while CBD strains can potentially curb your appetite.

Whichever edible you choose, remember to enjoy a cookie, gummies, or a bowl of muesli two hours before exercising.


Consuming cannabis by vaping is a healthier way to pre-work out with THC or CBD. As a fitness enthusiast, you may not be keen on smoking it.

Vaping cannabis heats the dry buds or oils in a battery-operated device, allowing you to inhale vapor instead of smoke.

Smoking before a workout isn’t recommended due to its impact on your lungs. Vaping allows for consumption before exercising without the tight chest feeling.

Super Lemon Haze is an ideal strain for vaping since they contain pinene. It’s a bronchodilator that opens the bronchioles in the lungs, allowing for more vigorous training.

Try vaping cannabis before a workout for no smells, enhanced flavors, and better effects.

Let cannabis be your coachFor an enjoyable fitness session, tap into the benefits of consuming weed in your pre-workout routine. The sky’s the limit when you’ve got cannabis as a coach pushing you to do your best.

Pump up your performance whether you plan to run, speed walk, train for the next big game, or do yoga.

Aid muscle tension with topical creams. Feel inspired and add tinctures to your pre-workout shakes. Add drops under the tongue or vape cannabis to avoid chesty feelings.

Choose the strains that work in tandem with your workout routine to have the best experience.

You don’t have to feel like staying fit is a tedious journey anymore. Be mindful of the preventive measures before consuming some inspiration for your next workout.

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