Stok’d dodges cannabis ad restrictions with ‘next to’ campaign

Stok’d positions itself as devious, but heroically so.

Reprinted with permission from Ad Age.

Creativity is all about problem-solving, and few problems are as frustrating to cannabis advertisers as being unable to advertise when and where they want. This week, we saw a clever solution to that dilemma from a Canadian cannabis brand.

For whatever reason, the cannabis industry – which suffers from extremely restrictive rules and regulations governing its advertising – doesn’t often produce creative work that’s all that great. (Maybe the rules are just too suffocating.)

This Stok’d campaign, though, is exactly what we’ve been waiting for – cannabis advertising that cleverly circumvents those draconian rules.

We’re putting the case study below, but be sure to check out the spots themselves.

In finding the solution from within the problem itself, Stok’d positions itself as devious, but heroically so – a retailer that won’t take no for an answer in engaging with consumers on its own terms.

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