Hydrofarm losses down in 2023, but so were sales

The company also focused on expanding its customer base beyond the cannabis industry.

Pennsylvania-based Hydrofarm Holdings Group Inc. (Nasdaq: HYFM) scaled back its financial losses immensely in 2023 compared to the previous year, but still posted a $64.8 million loss amid sliding sales.

The hydroponics equipment manufacturer’s sales in the fourth quarter decreased year-over-year to $47.2 million from $61.5 million, with a quarterly net loss of $15.2 million. For all of 2023, sales were down to $226.6 million from $344.5 million, the company reported.

Hydrofarm attributed the revenue dip to “a 18.7% decline in volume of products sold and a 4.5% decrease in price/mix of products sold,” and said a “decrease in volume was primarily related to an oversupply in the cannabis industry.”

The figures may appear grim, but it’s a significant improvement from Hydrofarm’s 2022 fiscal year, when it lost $285.4 million.

CEO Bill Toller asserted in a press release that Hydrofarm is heading in the right direction, with increased gross profit of $37.6 million for the year and free cash flow of $2.8 million. Those achievements were the result of what Toller said was the “successful execution of our restructuring plan,” which the company embarked upon last year in order to “right-size” its manufacturing to meet market demand.

“Our margins improved as we focused on higher margin products and enhanced our operational efficiency. Our cash balance grew and our inventory levels decreased as we managed our working capital aggressively,” Toller said, adding that the company has broadened its customer base beyond the cannabis market into “food, floral, and lawn & garden.”

“We are well underway with the second phase of our restructuring strategy… and in conjunction with several productivity initiatives expect to realize additional cost savings in 2024,” Toller said.

At the end of 2023, Hydrofarm had $507.6 million in total assets, including $30.3 million in cash, against $217 million in total liabilities.

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