Get paid $70,000 to smoke marijuana as a job

Rolling paper company Custom Cones USA is looking to pay someone $70,420 a year to smoke weed and write about it on social media. The campaign is an effort to promote the company’s new direct-to-consumer brand, DaySavers.

DaySavers is a house of brands that specializes in pre-rolled cones, tubes, blunts, and other innovative pre-roll products.

Billed as “the Ultimate Stoner Dream Job,” Custom Cones is looking to hire someone to smoke test the latest cannabis products, be part of the best cannabis industry events, and share those experiences with the world. The company wants content creators, writers, videographers, and social media gurus to apply for the job, which would require some form of videography, photography, blog writing, or something else.

“We are thrilled to be launching our Ultimate Stoner Dream Job campaign in the hopes that we will find a dedicated and one-of-a-kind content creator and social media manager to help us build engaging content on our social media platforms,” said Harrison Bard, co-founder and CEO. “If you’re passionate about cannabis and have any kind of creative talent – this may be the job for you. Many people talk about doing what they love, but few actually have the chance to make it a reality.”

The new employee will get sent, all expenses paid, to the top industry events, such as Outside Lands, Hall of Flowers, MJBizCon, and CHAMPS, and receive free samples of all the latest smoking accessories from DaySaversFill-a Blunts, and Smoke Temple, among others.

The company said applicants who aren’t hired for the full-time gig will have the chance to be selected for one of many part-time dream jobs.

The company encouraged applicants to apply online before April 20.

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12 thoughts on “Get paid $70,000 to smoke marijuana as a job

  1. I’m a great consumer I’ve been smoking 26 years out of 40 I familiar with all kinds of strains types and a high tolerance smoker

  2. I have a YouTube channel, which is New, called: “Nigga News,” which I create gossip, in politics, entertainment, sports ect.

  3. Hello my name is Sheila, I am interested in the position as a tester for your product I am well qualified as I have been smoking for over 30 years and work full time this would be the perfect job for me because I smoke set times a day

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