Clearmind’s psychedelic portfolio expands with new Chinese patent

The portfolio covers a wide range of uses and compositions related to the firm’s research.

Clearmind Medicine (NASDAQ: CMND) (CSE: CMND) has received patent approval in China for a new type of psychedelic substance-based treatment that targets binge behaviors.

The approval the biotech company — which operates out of Tel Aviv, Israel, and Vancouver, Canada — received is for a broad claim related to the use of a specific chemical compound known as a primary amine aminoindan to help control binge behaviors.

It includes compounds other than 5-methoxy-2-aminoindan (MEAI), which is Clearmind’s proprietary psychedelic molecule aimed at treating such conditions.

The recent patent is part of Clearmind’s larger strategy to secure intellectual property rights in the psychedelic-derived therapeutics space. The company’s IP portfolio is quite extensive, with 27 patents already granted and another 24 applications pending across various jurisdictions including the US, Europe, China, and India. The portfolio covers a wide range of uses and compositions related to the firm’s research.

“We are proud to receive once again recognition of our innovative treatment for binge behaviors. This approval is a major milestone and significantly expands our IP protection as a leader in psychedelic-derived therapeutics,” Clearmind CEO Adi Zuloff-Shani said in a statement.

She added, “In various pre-clinical studies, carried out during the past 2 years, MEAI has demonstrated its ability to regulate binge behaviors, addiction and other mental health disorders. We believe these strong results demonstrate the significant potential of the MEAI molecule for various indications.”

MEAI is being developed as a treatment mainly for alcohol use disorder, a condition that ranges from mild to severe and is characterized by an individual’s inability to control their drinking despite the negative consequences it may have on their life.

Clearmind believes MEAI could also be effective in treating binge drinking, offering a solution for millions of people who struggle with drinking too much alcohol.

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